Alter Bridge with All That Remains and Sons of Texas - Orlando - Fisher Fotography

It was Black Friday 2017. Shopping done, tryptophan hangovers cured and now a rock show. The Last Hero Tour was in Orlando at The House of Blues for the night. And it promised to be a banger.

For some this day marks the beginning of the Christmas season. With this being said, the weather outside was frightful but the music inside was so delightful. Floridians unfamiliar with Texas metal were treated to a hard and heavy start with the Sons of Texas.

Up next on the bill was All That Remains, hailing from Massachusetts. The crowd was enthusiastic, singing along lyric for lyric. A well rounded set with lots of emotional and thought provoking lyrics. A band not afraid to get in your face and make you think and feel.

ALTER BRIDGE, do I even need to say anything more than their name? Flip, Brian, Myles, and Mark are all skilled and complement each other in the performance of their powerful melodies. I’m moved overtime I hear them. They showed us a leader!

Sadly the sound was subpar. But each band brought their game and we all rocked out nevertheless. Supa Dave, DJ at WJRR, was an excellent emcee, not staying on the stage too long. All in all a great show. Great bands. Great music. Great fans.

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