Cane Hill 080417 - Fisher Fotography

Music has always been a force capable of bringing people together, regardless of genre. When some people think of a metal concert, the first thing that comes to mind is likely not camaraderie. What many fail to realize is that the heavy metal Community is a extended family, and incredibly supportive of one another. Maverick’s at the Landing in Jacksonville, Florida was the location of a family reunion for many.

On August 4th, the venue which hosts a wide variety of events saw an influx of fans of all ages. With New Day opening the show, everyone was given a taste of the local flavor. An up and coming band local to Jacksonville, these guys set the theme for the evening of never giving up. The band took the stage with a stand-in drummer as their own drummer, John Garren, had to sit out due to a broken leg. Cane Hill of New Orleans brought a heightened intensity to the night’s festivities with a set that left the crowd in full on mosh mode. When the stage became occupied by the trio known as Kyng it was evident that a band with only 3 members is beyond capable of fully immersing the audience in Rock. The LA based band gave everyone a chance to get down to tunes from their newest release, Breathe In The Water.

For some attending, it was the first time experiencing a performance by the headlining band, Hellyeah. While lead singer Chad Grey called those first-timers out by a show of hands; this was not for anyone to scoff at them, yet welcome them to the family! Taking a moment to remind show-goers that the actuality of involvement in the heavy music scene is a form of solidarity. He inspired audience participation in everyone; leading the crowd in giving each other heavy metal High-5s! The message is clear; there is power in the music and strength in reaching out. In the words of Billy Wright (aka: Midnight Mosher), “Mosh pits are the best solution I found to let our demon run amok and not go to jail. I rather enjoy our group therapy and I want to slam so long as there's rhythm in my chest.”. The message carries on and is staying strong in the community, thanks to guys like Hellyeah!

- Darian Mosley

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