Skillet, For King and Country, and Ledger - Fisher Fotography

Cinco De Mayo, a holiday typically celebrated with an overconsumption of alcohol. At the show I attended this day I literally saw just one person with a beer. I already had a feeling this wasn’t going to be your typical rock concert. The Joy was soon to be UNLEASHED.

The evening started off with Ledger. A new band fronted by Jen Ledger, drummer for Skillet. Their song, ‘Not Dead Yet’, set the theme for their set….Don’t give up! Jen related to the audience her struggles with fear and anxiety and the concern of once defeated feelings coming back. Wise advice from a friend of hers: if anxiety returns….’fight, keep fighting.’

For King and Country kept the inspirational night going by starting off with their hit, Fix My Eyes, and a personal favorite, Messengers. They took time at the end of their set to promote and encourage support for the organization, Compassion International. What a great use of their God-given platform. Advocating for children can never be done enough. Please consider sponsoring a child yourself. We all can make a difference.

Skillet closed out the night with a remarkable performance which included pyrotechnics, lasers, etc; look at the photos, better yet...check them all out at a venue near you. So many recognizable favorites including: Feel Invincible, Awake and Alive, Hero, Stars, and Monster.

All three bands performances were marked with high energy and great crowd participation. I’m most certain that everyone left at the end of the night with a renewed focus on this life and the human condition/struggle. #nevergiveup

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